Reuters Quotes Eric LeCompte on Historic G20 Debt Relief Plan

Eric LeCompte is quoted in Reuters as the G20 releases historic debt relief plan for poorer nations combatting Covid-19. Read an excerpt below, and click here for the full story.

G20 strikes historic debt pact to help poorer states hit by COVID

PARIS/TOKYO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - G20 countries have agreed for the first time on a common framework for restructuring government debt, in anticipation of the coronavirus crisis leaving some poorer nations struggling to pay and in need of relief.

Eric LeCompte, a United Nations adviser on debt and executive director of Jubilee USA Network, said inclusion of private sector creditors was a significant step, but criticised the G20 for failing to include middle-income countries.

“Unfortunately, middle-income countries that will see some of the highest poverty increases due to the crisis, are excluded from this process, LeCompte said.

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