Shutdown Ends, Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Waits

January 22, 2018 

Jubilee USA Statement on Government Shutdown and Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Package 

The Senate voted in favor of a plan to keep the US Government funded through February 8th, ending the "shutdown." Democrats and Republicans failed to reach an agreement on a number issues including immigration and disaster relief but agreed to have open debate on those issues in the weeks ahead.

Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious development organization, Jubilee USA, releases the following statement:

"Disaster victims from Texas to Puerto Rico are still waiting for Congress to pass ‎relief and recovery aid legislation. 

"In Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, human lives are shut down. Many people have gone without electricity for over a hundred days.

"The House passed a relief package and now it's the Senate's turn to pass a relief package. 

"Congress and the White House must be sure that Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have sufficient aid to rebuild to withstand the next storm."


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