Support Puerto Rico, Dominica Efforts on Jubilee Weekend

Dear Friends, 

This weekend, as Jubilee Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities unite in prayer for hurricane victims, I urgently ask you to make a special donation to Jubilee USA.

Your gift supports our work to win debt relief and "no strings attached" aid for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Dominica.

We can win debt relief for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda—your gift makes it possible for us to protect vulnerable communities in countries and US States when disaster strikes. Your gift supports our efforts to win real relief across the Caribbean and around our world.

Jubilee USA's team sprang into immediate action as the hurricanes wreaked havoc across the Caribbean. Working with our Jubilee Caribbean partners, we coordinated major religious leaders to contact the White House, Congress, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other decision makers. Hundreds of news outlets from Bloomberg to Politico to USA Today covered our efforts. We are collecting thousands of petitions. We appeared on CNBC and addressed the United Nations, calling for relief. The White House, the IMF and Congressional leadership are expressing support for our position, but we need more financial resources to get across the finish line in a tight window.

This weekend Jubilee religious communities from coast to coast are praying and acting for hurricane victims across the Caribbean. More than 130 congregations from Pocono Pines, PA‎ to Columbus, IN to Middlebury, VT to Pleasantville, ‎TN to Thousand Oaks, CA to Missoula, MT to Nazareth, KY are calling for real relief for Caribbean islands devastated by this hurricane season. 

Please make a special gift that wins relief for Puerto Rico and Dominica. Your gift now will also help put in place new policies to protect vulnerable communities.

We desperately need resources to continue this work.‎ Already this year we have quite a few victories to celebrate, but your gift now is essential for us to win relief and reconstruction aid for the Caribbean.

We moved a super bankruptcy process for Puerto Rico. We moved the White House and the G20‎ to implement stronger standards on responsible lending and borrowing. We won new business reporting requirements. With Republican and Democratic partners, the Corporate Transparency Act was introduced. 

Now, we must win real aid and debt relief for Puerto Rico, Dominica, Barbuda and the US Virgin Islands.

Whether you can give $50, $5, $100, $500 or $1000 we've never needed your donation more to continue our work. 

We need your special gift now to win our hurricane-relief efforts. In addition, your continuing support means‎ we'll launch more campaigns and see more victories. The campaigns we are launching will change the financial system, stop vulture funds and prevent financial crisis. These are campaigns we can win. Your special gift now means that we can continue to achieve all we planned and allow the poorest victims of this hurricane season a new chance to thrive.


Eric LeCompte
Executive Director