United Church of Christ Features Jubilee USA's High Level Meeting with Secretary Yellen and Faith Leaders

The United Church of Christ features Jubilee USA Network's historic meeting with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on international debt and COVID response. Read an excerpt below, and click here for the full story.

UCC president, other faith leaders meet with Treasury Secretary Yellen on global pandemic response

by Connie Larkman

The meeting, organized by Jubilee USA, a nonprofit group that advocates for debt relief for developing countries, brought together leaders from the Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran and UCC traditions, as well as the Union for Reform Judaism, Puerto Rico’s Catholic Church and the Puerto Rico Evangelical Bible Society. The Rev. John Dorhauer represented the UCC, with the Revs. Sekinah Hamlin and Michael Neuroth joining the discussion as observers.

Concerned about developing countries being left out of crisis response, the group conversation focused on ways to increase resources to help those nations contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Permanent debt restructuring and climate decisions were also discussed.

What’s unique about the historic meeting, said Jubilee Executive Director Eric LeCompte, is “the major religious institutions are coming together to solve the current pandemic crisis and prevent future crises.” The World Bank estimates the pandemic will push as many as 150 million people into extreme poverty. LeCompte said the meeting reflected Yellen’s focus on the global nature of the pandemic, and her willingness to engage with a range of U.S. leaders find solutions. 



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