We Won. Stimulus Debt Relief Happening Now

Thanks to your work for the last decade and generating tens of thousands of messages to Congress over the last year, Jubilee's Corporate Transparency Amendment passed the House. Your phone calls this week made a big difference. Now - during the Fall our transparency legislation to protect debt relief and prevent human trafficking can be negotiated in a final package with the Senate.

Today - I urgently write you as we enter final stimulus negotiations on global debt relief. With the support of the White House, all of the debt relief initiatives for the world's poorest 73 countries in April we won from the G20 and IMF - must now be ratified by Congress. Further, Congress can move forward debt cancellation and critical transparency initiatives.

Please call both of your Senators now. Tell them to support White House and Treasury plans to suspend debt payments for the world's poorest countries. Tell your Senators to support initiatives to cancel debt and increase transparency in debt relief measures. Tell them to support bipartisan efforts to help developing countries address the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus.

Together, in April we won 6 months of debt cancellation for the 25 poorest countries. We moved forward a new process to suspend debt payments for the 73 poorest countries. As these countries all face growing infection rates and famine because of COVID-19, some of these countries have zero critical care units for their population. The lucky ones may have 50 to support millions of people.

Already, for countries that count their budgets in the tens of millions - $6 billion dollars in debt relief has been generated. It's possible as our plans move forward we can generate more than $20 billion.

But Congress must act and must include these debt relief provisions in the Stimulus and encourage permanent reductions of debt. Congress should include broader international development assistance. Stimulus negotiations on our plans continue through the weekend and the Capitol Switch board is open 24/7 so you can leave a critical message for your Senators when you receive this message.

Congressional Quarterly cites Jubilee USA's work as the last standing bipartisan efforts on Capitol Hill. Together, we moved the White House. Now, we must move the Senate to include and increase our debt relief and debt cancellation efforts for developing countries so they can survive a pandemic that is taking lives and destroying livelihoods.

In addition to securing global debt relief and development aid in this stimulus package, we are also focused on measures to aid the 3 million people suffering in Puerto Rico and move forward student debt relief.

Please call both of your Senators now. Please keep calling through this weekend until we secure these critical Jubilee provisions.

We are so grateful for your support and partnership.



Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte