Your 2017 Gift DOUBLES 2018 Impacts

Dear Friend,

In 2017, we accomplished a lot. With your help, we can do even more in 2018.

This year we stopped "vulture funds" and won a super bankruptcy process for Puerto Rico in May. We moved the White House and G20 to endorse stronger standards on responsible lending and we introduced bipartisan legislation to stop financial secrecy. We defended consumer protections and global anti-poverty measures from repeal in Congress. We launched a new website and logo.

Because of your partnership in 2017, when the devastating hurricanes struck, our team sprang into action and supported major religious leaders in the US and affected islands to contact the White House, International Monetary Fund and Congress. We collected thousands of petitions and were quoted in thousands of newspapers around the globe. We appeared on CNBC and addressed the United Nations calling for relief for Puerto Rico, Dominica, the US Virgin Islands and Barbuda.

Your gift to Jubilee USA grows our bipartisan and interfaith work that addresses the root causes of poverty and inequality. All year-end gifts are tax-deductible and matched up to 20,000 dollars. Whether your gift is $5, $50 or $500 - your gift is needed, so appreciated and will be doubled before January 1st.

With your support in 2018, we can win debt relief and recovery aid for Puerto Rico, Dominica, the US Virgin Islands and Barbuda. Campaigns we win for these islands will create US and global precedents to protect countries when natural disaster strikes. Across the country, in the Caribbean, and around our world, we are launching more initiatives that support and train major religious leaders to prevent austerity policies, negotiate solutions to financial crisis and promote economic policies that protect the vulnerable.

When you give now, your gift will protect Dodd-Frank from being repealed in Congress. Your gift will make it easier for poor economies to get out of financial crisis and protect vulnerable populations. Your support now means we can expose the links between human trafficking and financial secrecy. And that support can help stop the shell companies that facilitate human trafficking and allow corrupt officials to steal money from their people.  In 2018, we'll promote trade policies that support access to medicine, are pro-development and prevent exploitation from "vulture funds." Across the United States, we’ll run grassroots organizing campaigns in Idaho, New York, Utah, Arizona and Georgia. 

Your investment in Jubilee USA builds a more responsible, transparent financial system that protects vulnerable and poor people. Please join me and make a tax-deductible year-end gift to Jubilee USA. That gift will be matched up to 20,000 dollars if you donate before January 1.

Thanks for your partnership,


Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte