New NAFTA - Access to Medicines - We Need Your Help. . .


Congress may soon vote on a new "NAFTA" deal that impacts inequality, global debt policies and whether or not poor people can access life-saving medicine. Before a new Congress comes to Washington, the current White House and Congress needs to hear from us - before they act. 

In the past, trade agreements have failed to ensure that vulnerable people could access life-saving medicine. Poor communities have been priced out of the medicines they need in trade deals. In the new NAFTA agreement, trade disputes must be resolved in ways that protect the poor and that ensure those affected by trade ‎decisions are involved in making the decisions.

We need you to endorse our interfaith statement on trade, debt and access to medicines to let Congress know that any trade deal must include access to life-saving medicines for the vulnerable. We will be sending your endorsements to the White House and Congress before they vote on a new NAFTA deal.

Over the last 7 years, Jubilee USA raised concerns on how trade agreements are used to favor predatory or "vulture" funds to collect on old debt. In Peru, a hedge fund is trying to use a trade agreement process to collect on old military dictatorship debt. 

Because of our efforts together, the new "NAFTA" deal could severely limit these predatory actors from using trade processes to take advantage of vulnerable populations. Too many trade agreements undermine protections for poor communities, local labor standards and environmental laws.

At Jubilee USA's core, we work on economic policies to ensure that resources get to the most vulnerable communities. It's why for years we've worked with and organized our national faith partners to promote trade agreements that ensure that vulnerable communities can access life-saving medicine. We still have a lot of work to win strong protections for vulnerable communities in a new NAFTA deal. It's why we need you to endorse the interfaith statement and help us spread the word to your networks.

Already the leaders of the Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal and United Church of Christ Churches signed our Jubilee trade statement. Please have your faith community endorse the statement too.

Click here to add your name to out interfaith statement on trade, debt and access to medicines. By endorsing the letter you are telling Congress that you want access to medicines for vulnerable communities in any new "NAFTA" deal.

Our strategic campaigns on trade, transparency, debt relief and lifting Puerto Rico continue to achieve results with your help.

As your faith community offers a prayer for Jubilee November 16th-18th, we are also mindful of last year's hurricanes that ravaged Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Barbuda and Dominica. We expect additional votes on Puerto Rico relief as the island enters a new phase of debt negotiations and debt traps. Before the end of the year, we will also need to do more to make sure that Congress and the White House act for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.


Eric LeCompte
Executive Director
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