Action on NAFTA, Debt, Access to Medicines


The elections are over, but the current Congress may soon vote on a new "NAFTA" deal that impacts inequality, global debt policies and whether or not poor people can access life-saving medicine. Before a new Congress comes to Washington, the current White House and Congress needs to hear from us - before they act.

Jubilee USA is hosting a special panel in Congress today and we need you to let your Members of Congress that they need to listen to what we have to say. In the new NAFTA agreement, trade disputes should be resolved in ways that protect the poor and that ensure those affected by trade ‎decisions are involved in making the decisions.

We need you to call your representatives in Congress and tell them to send their Legislative Directors to our event. Members of Congress have to be informed on the effects of access to medicine provisions in trade deals and US drug policies 

Congress needs to hear from us at this important panel today. From 4pm-6pm in the Rayburn Small Business Committee Hearing Room 2361, Jubilee is hosting the panel "Lifting Vulnerable Communities: Ensuring Access to Medicines in Trade Agreements and US Policy."

Here are some of our presenters today:

Fran Quigley
Indiana University McKinney School of Law,
Clinical Professor and Director, Health and Human Rights Clinic
People of Faith for Access to Medicines

Reverend Stacy Martin
Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska
President and CEO
Jubilee USA Co-Chair

Anthony Granado
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Director, Office of Domestic Social Development

Eric LeCompte
Jubilee USA Network
Executive Director

Click here for instructions on how to call your Members of Congress and a script with what to say to get them to our event. Tell Congress that you want access to medicines for vulnerable communities in any new "NAFTA" deal.

At Jubilee USA's core, we work on economic policies to ensure that resources get to the most vulnerable communities. It's why for years we've worked with and organized our national faith partners to promote trade agreements that ensure that vulnerable communities can access life-saving medicine. 

We still have a lot of work to win strong protections for vulnerable communities in a new NAFTA deal. Congress is key and we need you to tell them to get their staff to this critical event.