Congress Votes Pandemic, Ukraine, Vaccines

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Our hearts and thoughts are with Ukraine and the media is covering our additional requests to the IMF, Congress and White House to support Ukraine, that you'll see below. First - in the next days, Congress votes on our pandemic response aid as part of the big budget vote scheduled to take place by March 11th. 

Thanks to your petitions and phone calls, we already put legislation in front of Congress that requests $22 billion in pandemic response aid and debt relief, and another $5 billion to help poor countries provide vaccines and treatments. Now we need to make sure it passes. Please call your Senators now.

In a recent commentary in the major Christian magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, Ambassador Sam Brownback and Jubilee USA Executive Director Eric LeCompte made the moral case for extending Special Drawing Rights aid and vaccines to developing countries. We speak about Africa, where less than 11% of the population are vaccinated and the pandemic continues to wreak havoc. You can read our column on pandemic response here.

As we write in Our Sunday Visitor, developing countries are facing a terrifying economic and humanitarian crisis. Please call your Senators now and ask them to support our Jubilee pandemic response package. Your calls now can make a big difference.

While your voice is needed now on pandemic response, we also see the growing suffering in Ukraine. Jubilee USA's Eric LeCompte offers our thoughts and analysis on what the IMF, Congress and White House can do now to aid and move forward debt relief for Ukraine. Our views are covered by CNN, Fox News and you can read Eric's conversations with Reuters, Catholic News Service and Devex

In the Catholic News Service feature, we highlight that many of the challenges we face with global pandemic response and the Ukraine crisis is because world leaders failed to implement the crisis response tools that Jubilee USA called for since the 2008 crisis.

Thanks for taking action ahead of the Senate voting. Next week we'll need you to do more as we prepare for Puerto Rico votes in Congress.

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Aldo Caliari
Senior Director of Policy and Strategy
Jubilee USA Network