Update: IMF, G20 Moving Our Proposals


Jubilee USA's coronavirus proposals to lift the vulnerable and protect all of us from financial crisis continue to move at the IMF, G20, White House and Congress.

Last week, Jubilee's Executive Director, Eric LeCompte, met with the heads of the IMF and World Bank. Since then we've continued daily meetings with Finance Ministers and world leaders on our proposals. We are now working with our Republican and Democratic partners to authorize last week's coronavirus crisis victories in the next stimulus package.

Now nearly 100 religious groups, labor unions and partners signed our letter to the G20, IMF and White House to cancel debt and increase aid to developing and developed countries, bolster global healthcare, move forward transparency and anti-corruption proposals and put in place policies to protect all of from the financial crisis.

Will you join us and sign and share our 4 point call to action to the IMF now? We'll deliver our next round of petitions and letters to the IMF next week.

Yesterday the head of the United Nations, António Guterres, echoed our proposals to expand debt relief and aid to more countries! The UN Conference on Trade and Development encouraged the creation of a process to create a new global financial crisis mechanism.

Linked here, you'll see Eric's e-mail from Sunday with an in-depth overview of our work and prayer, action and education resources.

We're so grateful for your partnership. As we've entered Ramadan, we lift this holy time for our Muslim members and partners.


Kate Zeller