Our Biden Work, Student Debt Victory!


Our many efforts with the new Biden Administration are moving forward very, very quickly.

Today - after his inauguration, one of the first executive orders that President Biden will issue, is to extend our student debt payment suspension through September. The action will benefit 45 million Americans and ease the suffering too many feel because of the coronavirus economic crisis. Biden also supports Jubilee USA's proposals for student debt cancellation.

Right after the election, Jubilee USA began high-level meetings with the Biden Transition Team. We invited several of our founding national religious institutions to sit with us and the Biden Transition Team leaders for International Treasury, Domestic Treasury, the US Trade Representative, Puerto Rico, the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Reserve, Bank and Financial Regulation.

During our Biden meetings we covered all of our efforts to address inequality, end poverty, coronavirus response and stopping financial crises. 

The issues we worked on with Biden's team include: student debt, stimulus plans, trade agreements and access to medicine, debt relief and global bankruptcy, accessing global reserve funds (Special Drawing Rights), climate finance, tax evasion and corruption, Puerto Rico, G7/G20 emergency actions, responsible lending, financial stability, universal basic income, development aid, US and international child poverty reduction and much, much more.

Read and share our initial Biden Transition Team memo about all of our efforts to win a Jubilee across the United States and around the world.

Your partnership and actions are crucial in the coming weeks and months. In recent months your actions propelled and won some of our coronavirus response campaigns, Puerto Rico disaster aid, student debt relief and passing Jubilee's Corporate Transparency Act. Together, we organized hundreds of religious communities and the largest faith, labor, environmental and human right groups on our coronavirus response efforts. Your actions moved the Trump Administration to take stronger positions on debt relief than any other G20 country.

Our bipartisan and interfaith efforts, together, are critical so our country, world and planet emerge from the coronavirus crises with resilience - a world where we all have enough and can live in dignity.



Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte