G20 COVID: Aid, Debt, Transparency Decisions


This week the G20 considers our Jubilee USA recommendations to protect all of us from financial crisis and deal with the global health and economic impacts of the coronavirus.

Since February we won a lot because you generated thousands of messages to the G20, IMF and the White House. This means that aid is being delivered to some of the world's poorest countries who have between zero and 50 critical care units to address the coronavirus.

We won 6 months of debt cancellation for the 25 poorest countries and 73 countries can stop debt payments for 2020.

Because of your petitions and our advocacy meetings with the White House and Finance Ministers we know that this week's G20 meeting will focus on expanding debt relief beyond 2020, including more developing countries, compelling the private sector to be involved and accessing trillions of dollars in global reserve funds (Special Drawing Rights).

Please join me and sign our G20 petition asking they cancel debt so developing countries can bolster healthcare, deliver more resources so people can survive the crisis and put in place crucial financial crisis, transparency and market protections - so we can prevent the next crisis.

Your petitions will accompany a letter we organized with nearly 150 organizations including religious, anti-poverty, labor and Muslim, Christian and Jewish organizations and faith communities.

Signers include: The All Africa Conference of Churches, The Episcopal Church, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The National Council of Churches, The Presbyterian Church, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, The Unitarian Universalist Association, The United Church of Christ and The United Methodist Church. Pope Francis declared he supports our efforts and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops sent a separate joint statement with Jubilee USA. The AFL-CIO and Oxfam joined our urgent letter. Our letter received press coverage in thousands of global news outlets like Fox News and the New York Times.

This week the International Trade Union Confederation and International Chamber of Congress pressed the G20 on our Jubilee USA proposals as well.

More than 100 world leaders and former heads of state endorsed our recommendations. Will you join the thousands who already signed our G20 petition?

Since February, our Jubilee USA team worked around the clock to move forward solutions to the coronavirus crisis - a crisis the IMF says rivals the Great Depression.

After our victories in April and May - Her Excellency Mona Juul, the United Nations Economic and Social Council President, asked that Jubilee USA present coronavirus crisis solutions at a special June United Nations session for world leaders. Our UN speech was covered in more then 10,000 newspapers and television shows from CNN to the Associated Press. These are the recommendations that the G20 considers this weekend.

Please join the thousands who already signed our coronavirus petition to the G20.

Thanks for your partnership,

Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte