Jubilee USA Statement on President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate

On April 22-23 President Biden hosted more than 40 world leaders for a virtual climate summit. Biden announced a new US target to halve fossil fuel emissions by 2030 and eliminate them by 2050, and pledged to double annual public climate finance for developing countries by 2024. He also unveiled an international climate finance strategy prepared by Treasury.

Eric LeCompte the Executive Director of religious development group Jubilee USA Network, releases the following statement on President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate:

“The summit encourages greater climate action at upcoming G7, G20 and UN meetings.

“Biden's summit is important because it included leaders from countries of all sizes and regions. We can only address climate change together and Biden is bringing a broad range of participants together. 

"The summit included business and labor groups, climate activists and the Pope.

“The guest list conveyed, better than any amount of words, the intention to listen to all and build broad-based support to tackle the climate crisis.

“Treasury vowed to align international financial policies with climate objectives.

“Treasury Secretary Yellen sees that developing countries can succeed on the climate agenda if we also focus on global pandemic response and development.

“For many countries the ability to invest on sustainable, resilient, low-emission infrastructure hinges upon decisive solutions to their dire debt situations."

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